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Unfortunate Dishwashing Mishap

posted by StoneFoxy 1:39 PM 19/02/2010
blue topaz ring

Three or four years ago I had an unfortunate accident in the kitchen that involved the loss of my wedding band.  I had just gotten home from work, and was washing a couple dishes in the sink, when suddenly my blue topaz ring slipped off and fell down the drain. My first instinct was of course to panic. I called my husband hysterical and told him what had happened, and he said to turn off the water, and just leave the sink alone. When he got home we called a plumber to see what could be done. The plumber said as long as the ring hadn’t been flushed out of the pipes, it would still be under the sink.  The next day the plumber arrived, took apart most of the sink, and after some time pulled out my wedding band.  I was so relieved, that I think I hugged him.

I learned my lesson, and would put it to any women or men out there who have a thought of washing dishes with their wedding ring on… don’t!

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Emerald Isle Wedding

posted by StoneFoxy 3:25 PM 07/12/2009
emerald ring

More and more often couples are tiring of traditional wedding themes, and looking for unique alternatives. An Irish or Celtic wedding theme, for example, is a way of getting in touch with Irish heritage, while keeping your ceremony different from other ceremonies. Throughout history most Celtic wedding ceremonies were held during one of the four major festivals; Beltane, Lughnassadh, Samhain, or Imbolc. For couples planning winter wedding themes, planning the wedding during Imbolc, which starts on Feb. 1, would be the logical choice.

Many looking forward to a Celtic-themed wedding will choose Celtic-love-knot wedding bands, or an emerald ring to symbolize the Emerald Isle. Those couples also may choose to don traditional Irish dress for the ceremony. Brides who decide to wear a traditional Celtic wedding dress may also wear a colorful Kinsale cloak. Grooms may wear traditional Celtic garb to match the bride, or a green cummerbund and tie.

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Jewelry with a Dark Side

posted by StoneFoxy 12:32 PM 27/10/2009
black onyx earrings

One of the staples of any woman’s wardrobe is the classic black dress. The garment is touted for its sleek appearance and versatility. Although the “little black dress” literally goes with anything, there are few jewelry options that fully complement the piece by having black in their design.

Originally used in ancient Greek and Rome, onyx is one of the oldest used forms of quartz. Today you can find quality black onyx earrings and rings to accompany any black ensemble. Add rich black color to your jewelry while maintaining elegance with this ancient gemstone.

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A Brief History of Amethyst

posted by StoneFoxy 6:17 PM 22/07/2009

Amethyst is a form of quartz that has attained a violet hue. The ancient Egyptians believed that amethyst gems would keep them from experiencing the ill effects of intoxication. Over the years, amethysts became popular centerpieces for necklaces. For example, Europeans donned amethyst amulets during wartime, believing the stone would spare them from physical harm.

All superstitions aside, amethyst earrings, necklaces and bracelets remain indispensable fashion accessories to this day. At least one aspect of these stunning stones remained a mystery until just a few years ago. Scientists managed to pinpoint the exact cause for amethyst’s vibrant color scheme: iron impurities. In any case, amethyst jewelry remains an impressive vision to behold.

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The Perfect Gift for any February Birthday

posted by StoneFoxy 6:46 PM 11/06/2009
The Perfect Gift for any February Birthday

If you know somebody that was born in February, their birthstone is the amethyst. And these people are particularly lucky because amethyst is a varied and versatile stone. For one, it comes in many different shades of purple. This means that you can wear amethysts whether you prefer the light, almost translucent purple or the deep, rich purple. Amethysts are also easily faceted, so they make an ideal gem for rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Because of this wide diversity with amethyst stones, amethyst jewelry makes a fantastic gift for anyone born in February or anyone who simply enjoys a beautiful and high quality piece of jewelry. An amethyst necklace is sure to be particularly appreciated, because not only will it be a beautiful addition to their accessory wardrobe, but they will also get to appreciate the beauty of the piece of jewelry themselves.

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Don’t Let the Economy Get in Your Way

posted by StoneFoxy 4:31 PM 20/04/2009
Don’t Let the Economy Get in Your Way

In these hard economic times, it can be difficult for people who are considering marriage. Men want to impress their prospective fiancées with massive diamond rings, but with unemployment through the roof and everybody cutting back, that’s just not as possible as it was a decade or two ago. If this is the situation that you’ve found yourself, don’t be afraid to tell your girlfriend the issue. Propose as planned but fill the box with a garnet ring instead of a diamond.

Explain that diamonds just aren’t feasible right now, but you don’t want to put your plans on hold just because of funds. Hopefully she’ll understand the situation. And the best part about a garnet ring is that the stone is still extremely beautiful. She’ll be getting a lovely piece of jewelry along with her romantic proposal. And if she wants, perhaps the ring can be exchanged for a diamond once the job market and the economy in general show some promising signs of life.

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Before It Was You Birthstone…

posted by StoneFoxy 3:07 PM 10/10/2008

metamorphic rocksMost people associate garnets with jewelry like garnet necklaces, bracelets and earrings. But before becoming your birthstone these rocks must become minerals. Garnets are formed when higher-grade metamorphic processes occur. These gems are often present in stones like schist and gneiss.

While most garnets are formed by the standard metamorphic process, others are formed when certain rocks are rolled between two moving surfaces. The rolling surfaces can pick up and preserve the lower-grade metamorphic rocks that would normally be decimated by higher processes. Because of their hardness and variety in color garnets are one of the most popular gems used in jewelry making.

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Sapphires for Sadness?

posted by StoneFoxy 3:05 PM 10/10/2008

Did you know that that sapphire ring you wear on your finger could be affecting your quality of life? Many people don’t know this, and some of those who do just don’t believe it. But, many astrologists and alternative medicine practitioners do. They believe that the sapphire enhances creativity, intuition and meditation. Sapphires come in almost every color of the rainbow, from the traditional blue, to the rarer orange sapphire.


Sapphires are said help to heal physical ailments like high fevers, inflammation, cancer, hearing problems, and burns. Sapphires can also help improve the mental clarity of those who wear them. Students, for example, may try wearing a piece of sapphire jewelry when studying to maintain better focus. Depression has also been known to be treated through the use of sapphires.

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